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Speeding Solicitors Mansfield

speeding solicitors Mansfield


Speeding Solicitors Mansfield


Are you looking for speeding solicitors Mansfield?


Our expert team are here to help.


We are the only specialist speeding solicitors Mansfield, and have extensive knowledge of all speeding matters.


Whether you plan to plead guilty to the offence and mitigate to have the penalty reduced, or have a defence, we are the experts you need on your side. 


If you are convicted of a speeding offence at Court, you will face either penalty points of a driving disqualification.  If this offence causes you to reach 12 points or more, you will fall to be disqualified for 6 months under the totting up provisions.  We can help you avoid this ban by arguing Exceptional Hardship.


You may, however, have a defence to the speeding charge, and speeding solicitors Mansfield are experts in exploring, identifying and preparing these cases.


Defences can include:


  • Factual defences such as:
    • I was not the driver
    • I was the driver but was not speeding
    • I was speeding because of an emergency situation
  • Technical defences such as:
    • The procedure was not followed correctly
    • The evidence against me is unreliable, perhaps due to machinery not being calibrated correctly


We have vast experience in all aspects of this type of law, and can guide you through your options.  Speeding solicitors Mansfield are committed to presenting you with your options and then guiding you towards the best choice for you and your circumstances.  We understand that every case, and every client, is unique and we will never pressure you into proceeding in a way that is not right for you.


Our award winning team are local to Mansfield and are the only local firm to be recognised in the prestigious Legal 500 directory of the leading law firms in the UK. 


If you need speeding solicitors Mansfield, call us now on 01623 397200.




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