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Totting Up Ban Avoided In Recent Case

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Dan Fletcher was relieved this week when he heard the decision of the bench at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court. Although he had ‘totted up’ to 12 points through the accumulation of 4 minor speeding offences, once the court heard full evidence the magistrates decided not to impose a totting up ban.


For Dan, this was excellent news, as he needed to keep his driving licence in order to continue his work as a Mobile Mechanic. Specialising in one particular type of vehicle, Dan has to travel across the whole of England and Wales to carry out servicing and repairs for his loyal customer base, many of whom have been using his professional services for several years.


Dan started his business nine years ago and, when he first approached Forrest Williams, he told the person who would become his case worker that he has built up a very good reputation within the community of vehicle owners. He now has a strong presence within the community and is widely known by members of the Drivers’ and Owners’ Association and on Facebook.


Dan told us that, since he started his business, others have tried to follow in his footsteps and establish themselves within this business sector. This has meant that he has to keep his prices low enough to encourage loyalty from his customers initially, after which they come back to him because of his competitive rates and the quality of the services he offers. However, Dan knew that if he was to be disqualified for a period of 6 months, then his customers would go to his competitors and many may not come back to him.


A totting up ban for Dan meant the very possible loss of his business.


This was, thankfully, not what happened. Dan approached us and in an initial telephone call he discussed his circumstances in some detail following which an appraisal was made of the possible chances of success of an Exceptional Hardship application.


Dan was told that his application would be made stronger because his wife did not work and therefore relied on him financially. If he were to be disqualified, she could not meet the couple’s financial commitments as she was not earning.


Dan thanked Steve Williams, Senior Solicitor of Forrest Williams, for conducting his Exceptional Hardship application in an assertive and confident manner. He also passed on his thanks to his caseworker for the detailed preparation of his case for court, both of which allowed him to avoid a 6 month totting up ban.


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