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Young Schoolboy Involved in Foolish Collision

A young schoolboy was involved in a collision within his school car-park after getting behind the wheel at his leaver’s ball.


The boy, Alexander Jenner who is a student at City of London Freemen’s School, has been banned from driving for 14 months and fined with a sum of £100 after pleading guilty to drink driving at the age of 18.


South East Surrey Magistrates’ Court heard that the collision took place just before 1am on Saturday, May 25th and defence lawyer Patrick Martin said that Jenner knows he has made a mistake after being under a number of pressures recently.


Mr Martin said Jenner’s car collided with a car driven by a friend’s mother, adding: ”He made a foolish error under these circumstances by driving home to Crampshaw Lane.” He also mentioned that Jenner’s mother had died recently, leaving Jenner acting as a taxi service for his two brothers since his father was often unable to take on the responsibility when he was away for work.


However, Jenner has been given the opportunity for his ban to be reduced by 14 weeks by Magistrate Jane Hargrave, on completion of a drink driving course.


She has urged Jenner to put it behind him and move on.


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