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Drink Driving Solicitors Help Clients With English As Second Language

Gilda Birkin* thought that she would be under the legal limit (35mg – breath) after a night out with work colleagues, during which she consumed two large glasses of wine.  She believed that the time which had elapsed since her drinking alcohol, and the fact that she had consumed several soft drinks, would mean she was safe to drive herself home.


However, Gilda was pulled over by the police and given a roadside breath test, which she failed.  She was then taken back the police station and breathalysed again, following which she was charged on a breath reading of 62mg.  Gilda was devastated.


She explained to us that such a night out is rare, as she has young children, and that a disqualification of any length would make life difficult for her as she works shifts as a nurse.


We at Forrest Williams took a full statement from Gilda and appointed a specialist motoring law barrister to represent her at the hearing at Chesterfield Magistrates’ Court.


Gilda was pleased by the outcome – a disqualification of 17 months, which will be reduced by 25% on completion of the drink drive rehabilitation course.  When sentencing, the magistrates took account of Gilda’s extreme remorse, her good character and professional achievements, and also the impact of the conviction on her care arrangements for her children and others.


Gilda gave thanks to Forrest Williams for the proof reading service offered as part of the fixed fee agreed at the start of her case. As English is not her first language, Gilda was concerned that any documents handed in to court be of a high standard.  She told us she was reassured to know that all her documents had been critically proof read, and revisions suggested prior to the hearing date, so that amendments could be made where necessary.


Forrest Williams are drink driving solicitors who are proud to offer a bespoke service and understand that different clients have very different concerns about the legal proceedings they face.


We are big enough to fight for you, but small enough to tailor our services to your specific needs.


*Name changed to protect client’s identity.

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