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Another Success For Forrest Williams

There are some cases that seem to last forever.


This week, one of those cases was finally ready for trial.


Mrs McGhee was accused of one charge of drink driving.  This incident occurred when she was at a very low point in life.


She was advised by Forrest Williams, specialist drink driving solicitors, to plead not guilty as the blood sample procedure had been conducted incorrectly.


Almost a year later, Mrs McGhee had taken many steps to get her life back on track, and yet because of Crown Prosecution Service delays, she had this case hanging over her all year.


She was apprehensive before the drink driving trial hearing this week at Buxton Magistrates Court.


She had already appeared at Court twice for her trial, and both times the case had been adjourned because of the Crown Prosecution Service’s failure to follow the Court’s directions.


Mrs McGhee told us after the hearing that she had found it especially comforting to have the same barrister, Sophie O’Sullivan, represent her throughout the case and that knowing there was a familiar, friendly face waiting for her each time in Court had made the ordeal much easier.


This week, Mrs McGhee attended Buxton Magistrates Court for her trial again.


Her barrister successfully argued that her blood sample procedure had been conducted incorrectly, and she was found not guilty.


Mrs McGhee was delighted with this result and that she can now move on from this chapter of her life.



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