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When Am I Eligible To Be Offered A Speed Awareness Course?


When am I eligible to be offered a Speed Awareness Course (SAC)?


We are often contacted by people who have been caught speeding and want to know if we are able to arrange for them to attend a Speed Awareness Course. Most people are aware that these courses exist and the benefit of attending (no points and no conviction registered against them) but are unclear on the criteria under which these are offered.


The theory behind the course is that rehabilitation and re-education of the offender is more effective in reducing the likelihood of reoffending as opposed to simply imposing penalty points. Financially the course cost is roughly identical to that of the fixed penalty notice so there is little benefit or loss.


The criteria under which the course is offered varies slightly between forces. If you are eligible to attend a Speed Awareness Course you will be notified by the police.


The following are the guidelines operated by one police force (North Yorkshire but when checked Nottinghamshire and Dorset Police used the same speed guidelines):


  • You have admitted to being the driver of the vehicle at the time of the alleged offence and returned the documentation within the 28 day period calculated from the date the notice was sent to you.
  • No more than 12 weeks have elapsed since the date of the alleged offence.
  • There were no further offences committed at the time of the alleged offence.
  • You have not attended a speed awareness course within the 3 years prior to the current offence.
  • You were driving at a speed which qualifies as per the table below.



Maximum speed at which SAC offered

Fixed Penalty Offered

Summons to court


























So as you can see a Fixed Penalty Offer and the Speed Awareness Course are not always interchangeable. And the option to offer the course always remains with the Police force itself, it cannot be demanded.


You will only need specialist motoring law advice if your case is, or will be, referred to Court.  If that happens, give the Forrest Williams team a call on 01623 397200.


Speed awareness course launched in Nottingham

If you are caught speeding in Nottingham from today there is now an alternative to points on your licence. SpeedCamera01cropped

A course for drivers who have been caught speeding is being launched in Nottingham today.

The course will be for people caught speeding and will be an alternative to points.

This type of course is available in many parts of the country but until today was not available in Nottingham.

It is estimated that as many as 15,000 motorists a year will take the half-day course, which  looks into why people speed and the consequences of speeding

Guidelines vary across the country as to whether motorists are eligible for the speed awareness course. Generally it is available for people who have no points on their licence and who were only slightly over the speed limit.

Drivers will have the option of going on the course which means they will not have any points put on their licence.

If you are not eligible to go on the course, or it is not offered to you don’t worry we may still be able to help you, contact us for free friendly advice.

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