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Speed awareness course launched in Nottingham

If you are caught speeding in Nottingham from today there is now an alternative to points on your licence. SpeedCamera01cropped

A course for drivers who have been caught speeding is being launched in Nottingham today.

The course will be for people caught speeding and will be an alternative to points.

This type of course is available in many parts of the country but until today was not available in Nottingham.

It is estimated that as many as 15,000 motorists a year will take the half-day course, which  looks into why people speed and the consequences of speeding

Guidelines vary across the country as to whether motorists are eligible for the speed awareness course. Generally it is available for people who have no points on their licence and who were only slightly over the speed limit.

Drivers will have the option of going on the course which means they will not have any points put on their licence.

If you are not eligible to go on the course, or it is not offered to you don’t worry we may still be able to help you, contact us for free friendly advice.


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