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How Not To React When Caught Drink Driving

Being caught drink driving is a difficult experience for most people.


While the majority of people are very compliant with the police, there are always exceptions… here are some of our favourite ways of not reacting when caught drink driving!


  • A woman was recently stopped for drink driving and faced charges at Bristol Magistrates Court.  Upon being stopped by the police, she decided to grope his genitals and then said to both police officers; “can’t we go somewhere, just the three of us?”  The outcome for Ms H?  A charge of sexual assault, which she pleaded guilty to.
  • Barclays banker, Mr J, decided not to stop for the police but instead to go on an erratic car chase, with his two young children in the car.  When he eventually gave up the chase, he was found to be three times over the limit, and was banned for 2 years.
  • Ms M managed to attract the police’s attention when she was almost three times over the drink drive limit, by crashing into a police car!
  • Another Mr J’s response to the police attempting to arrest him was to put his car into reverse and drive into the police car, writing it off.  The two police officers in the vehicle described the moment as being “terrifying”.
  • The dog didn’t eat the homework for Mr G, but there are other ways of blaming our canine friends!  When arrested for drink driving, this man said; “my dog was driving” before assaulting one of the police officers.  The outcome for this?  A 10 month jail sentence.
  • Miss S crashed her car while drink driving and to avoid being charged, rang 999 and reported that she had been in a crash with 10 friends while in a taxi.  Emergency services dispatched four ambulance, 2 police cars and 2 fire engines… to discover that the story was a lie.
  • Mr C decided it would be a good idea to update his Facebook to say “driven drunk… classic 😉 but to whoever’s vehicle i hit i am sorry. ;P”.  His dastardly plan was foiled when two of his online friends reported him.
  • Mr L decided to respond to police attempts to arrest him for drink driving by punching them.  He was sentenced to a prison sentence.

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