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Summer Sees Increase In Drink Driving Cases

POLICE around the country are issuing warnings to motorists as the numbers of summer drink drive cases increases.

Manchester drink drive cases, Dorset drink and drug driving, Wirral drink driving, and Walsall drink driving cases are all under attention from police forces who are launching campaigns to reduce the incidents this summer.

Steve Williams, of Motoring Lawyers Online, says the increase in numbers should not surprise people.

“We always see an increase in drink driving numbers during the summer, and there are many reasons for this.  Partly, it is simply due to the fact that more people will set off and go for a drive in the nice weather and perhaps misjudge how much alcohol they can drink and remain under the limit.”

Mr Williams, who has appeared in over 100 magistrates courts defending drink drivers across the country, says the poor summer weather may lead to a higher concentration of drink driving cases on the days when the weather is good.

“In Britain, we have to make the most of the good weather that we have, and here at Motoring Lawyers Online we are certainly seeing that when there is limited good weather conditions, more people seem to be caught drink driving when the rare sunny spells occur.  I put this down to an eagerness to enjoy the weather which, no doubt, includes enjoying alcohol.  It’s a typical case of arranging last minute barbecues or garden parties and drinking more than we plan to.”

Mr Williams also issued a warning for anyone who will be driving the morning after they have drank, as people often underestimate the level of alcohol that will remain in their system some hours later.

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