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Why Advocacy Isn’t Enough

A motoring lawyer who will truly care about your case is a rare breed.


The prosecution service quite freely admit that they consider motoring matters to be minor cases that take up time they should be devoting to the real work such as assault and burglary cases. ┬áThe Courts themselves often don’t quite understand or appreciate motoring cases.


And many criminal legal aid solicitors will actually turn away motoring work as being too complex.


As a client with a motoring matter, be prepared to enter a world where most people do not realise just how serious your case is, and where the organisations involved can be sluggish, uncooperative and unsympathetic.


As you navigate this new legal territory, you will require much more than a good advocate.


You will require support, empathy and understanding.


It is essential that you only trust your motoring case to a team of specialists, who will take the time needed to get to truly understand you and the matter you are facing.


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